Chef crisis: top restaurants struggle to find reliable chefs

This isn’t new but represents a gradual decline in the primary work force in the industry fuelled by long hours, poor pay and conditions, abuse of staff tips etc and a basic qualification that does not meet industry requirements. Some employers are now offering a better work/life balance. Still not as good as a tube driver!

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Chef crisis: top restaurants struggle to find reliable chefs

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Restaurants are booming in Britain, but the chronic shortage of chefs and other staff is threatening the industry

big hospitality logoShortage of skilled chefs could limit ‘foodie’ tourism in the UK

By Sophie Witts, 20-Mar-2015

A lack of skilled chefs could limit the growth of the UK tourism industry, with businesses struggling to fill nearly half of all chef vacancies, says Visit England.

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It’s not just the UK – US in chef shortage

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